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Michael T James formerly served as the Senior Pastor for the Mount Vernon Baptist Church for over twenty years. During his tenure, he was able to transition the ministry from a traditional congregational led church to a relevant kingdom focused ministry. His consistent obedience to God took Mount Vernon to greater levels and his bold teaching of God’s word has changed the lives of people throughout the United States.

As Senior Pastor, he led a debt free campaign which retired over $200,000 in facility debt.

His career in leadership consulting with a Fortune 50 company in the insurance and financial services industry spans over sixteen years. Michael served as the former Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Dr. .Martin Luther King Scholarship Board of Rutherford County. Pastor James has been recently recognized with several community and civic awards including Rutherford County’s distinguished service Award, Rutherford County‘s Faith Award, and Bradley Academy’s Willie McGowan Award.

Pastor James graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace and from Southern Christian University with a Master of Science in Christian Ministry. His post-graduate studies include certifications from Corporate Coach U-
Licensed Facilitator, Inside Out Coaching Licensed Facilitator, Situational Leadership II Licensed Facilitator, Vital Smart’s Crucial Conversations-Licensed Facilitator, and various change management certificates. Michael is also a Toastmaster’s International certified Competent Communicator.


Pastor James is married to Tanya James. He is the proud father of Eden Grace.

His career coupled with his call to ministry has given him unique insight into leadership from a
kingdom perspective.

Our Mission

To provide KEYS to unlock people’s potential and help them to discover and fulfill their God-ordained destinies.

“God created man in His image. As we complete our assignments on earth, we must apply kingdom leadership to unlock the unique potential He has placed in each of us.”  Michael T. James


The Team James consultation process consists of the following 6 steps



Team James will ask the potential client to complete the Client Profile questionnaire.  With the completion of the Client Profile questionnaire, we begin the initial assessment of an opportunity to work together with the client.



Team James understands the importance of establishing the proper relationship with the client. In this step, we discuss the desired outcomes, decisions of who is going to do what, costs of our services, timing, and overall accountability.



Team James is committed to assist the client in the identifying the problem.  In this step, we will conduct a data analysis and determine what would success look like, what the gap is, and if it feasible to provide a desired intervention.



Team James is solution oriented. In this step, we will assist the client in specifying what solution they want and when they want it.



Team James is committed to the successful execution of the intervention that the client agrees upon. In this step, the work is planned in terms of responsibility and accountability. We will assist the client to fully implement their plan.



Team James will conduct an evaluation and review of the project with the client. In this step, we will terminate the consulting relationship if the client if all agreed terms of the contract that have been fulfilled.


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"Pastor Michael James’ leadership teaching has helped my leadership to go to the next level in ministry. His wisdom and knowledge with a powerful teaching anointing makes it easy to see how you can improve. His knowledge on the Feast of the Lord has transformed us as a congregation. When you experience his leadership teaching anointing you will have a similar testimony."

Apostle Ron Goode

Kingdom Church International, Rome, GA